Inspire Community Services have been actively involved with the community of South West Sydney since the year 2000. Since that time we have come to understand that there are many extremely vulnerable people living in this area. Numbers of families are one pay day away from crisis, either by poor management or simply not earning enough to cover the basic costs of living. These families may be on benefits or underemployed and do not produce the finances required to meet all the needs, bills, etc.
If there is a crisis in the family such as sickness, or getting an unexpected or higher than expected bill, or involvement in an accident, the outcome will almost certainly be devastating.

Our aim is to create and run programs which will help families through these crises and through a holistic approach, assist people to live better lives.

We are now offering tours to those interested in seeing first-hand what we are doing. These happen on a Thursday by appointment so contact us to arrange to be a part of one.

Our Causes target these aims;