From full of stress to way more living to do

After the death of my daughter and then the death of my husband a year later I managed to get myself into all sorts of financial trouble. I started using a credit card and didn’t realise the danger of the high interest rates. I rang up debts close to $10,000 and my financial state soon started to affect my health.

I wasn’t able to sleep most nights, was suffering with headaches and the stress was causing heart palpitations. As my health deteriorated I also started to worry about my future and that I couldn’t get out of this mess with my finances.

That was, until I contacted CAP. They set a budget, worked with me to get my debts cleared, told me about the wonderful love of Jesus and now I’m a new woman! I’m debt free, I’ve given my life to Jesus, my finances are under control and my health has improved as a result.

Where I had been full of stress and a very worried person before, now with the weight of my finances lifted I realize that I have a lot of living still to do!!!

CAP is better than fantastic!!! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without the help from everyone at Christians Against Poverty.

From full of stress to way more living to do

by Lucia Degnan time to read: 1 min