Letter to Jenny & Mike at Inspire Community from JTech

Jenny and Pastor Mike,

I know it seems quite a while now since you both provided me with assistance in getting my car back on the road (legally) and I have not forgotten this but I struggled with the best way to show my gratitude to you both for your kindness and your faith in me.

However recently I was able to do something that I have not been able to do since 2003 and that was take my daughter out for the day in “my car” and not have to go through the hassles of borrowing someone else’s car, or catching public transport, or relying on her mother to either drop her off or pick her up that usually came with a myriad of promises bordering on extortion. But on that particular day I felt like someone I had forgotten so long ago, and that was my daughter’s “dad”.

I was not a very emotional person growing up and the only emotion that wasn’t beaten out of me was anger. That stood me in well as a Gridiron player and captain of New South Wales. However when my daughter was handed to me when she was born that individual disappeared and a very different person emerged the day she was born. I have never hidden my feelings from her, and I have always treated her as a person older beyond her years. I have always been honest with her such never hiding from her my part in her mother’s and my divorce, or the fact that I had been pushed by her mother to the point of attempting suicide (for which I took responsibility) yet as we were driving to Liverpool I had tears in my eyes, and Ellie Charlotte asked what was wrong, and I told her that as much as I knew it hurt inside to miss so much of her life, a simple thing like going to the movies and then shopping with her tore at my heart because I loved her beyond life itself. The whole way through the movie Ellie cuddle up to my shoulder never once letting go. As I write this those same tears are making it hard for me to see the screen, but it is this simple emotion and honesty in a society where men are not supposed to show this emotion (weakness) that I say to both of you my thanks. You have both given me something more precious than money can buy, and that is the ability to see my daughter, my “mini me” as she likes to call herself and experience her unconditional love. Thank you both. One day I hope to bring her to meet you both and you will see that she is worth why I am blessed and why you have given me a gift that is immeasurable.

Thank you and bless you.

Letter to Jenny & Mike at Inspire Community from JTech

by Lucia Degnan time to read: 2 min