Patrick’s Testimony

During the time (August 2004) I was facing financial troubles. It came to mind to visit “The Breakfast Club” through the connection of the Church (Liverpool Christian Life Centre). With the support, and encouragement I’ve received, I have become more confident and independent when applying for jobs.

The odds were against me in applying for the area I desired. I had no diplomas or certificates to start off with.

However it only took a while before the breakfast club helped me to realise that it’s not in fact your status that is important, but rather your passion, your dreams to fulfil and how much you desire that dream. I’ve learnt in my case that we don’t get to start off on top of life, more an adventure to seek life. I started off working in KFC, working as a cook. This was not anywhere near my desired dream, however, If God see’s that you are willing to do anything, humbling yourself to the lowest of lows, He will place increase upon your life day by day.

I now run my own business. I own a website, receiving over 5000 hits a day, utilizing it as testimony to the greatness of the Lord. And today I look back at the poverty state I lived; The Breakfast Club helped me to achieve my dreams, that when times were down, they will be there to always shed light, and positiveness within the life of people who seek abundance upon their life.

God bless the Breakfast Club

Patrick’s Testimony

by Lucia Degnan time to read: 1 min