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Job Active Provider Awareness Month!

This month we are letting local Job Active providers know about the Inspire Youth Centre, and the fact that is a great place for local unemployed to come for their work the dole activities.

The All-Rounder Program has been designed to be fluid and is an all in one package of work experience where we can cycle people through all or some of the job roles we have available. This provides them with valuable experience in a variety of positions. We assess participants upon arrival and based on what participants are interested in, available positions in our program and the area we see them most suited to, we allocate the activity they will commence their work for the dole with. Some of the work for the dole activities that we provide are:

Wood Work Skills

For those unemployed who are good with their hands, we have an excellent wood work program where participants can learn to use hand tools and power tools, all while gaining a really solid understanding of basic wood working skills. The program helps provide participants with  a sense of purpose and achievement by building something start to finish that can be used for a good cause. The toys and items created are usually either sold to generate money for the youth centre or given to children who would otherwise go without. The skills learned in this program could lead to apprenticeships, jobs in the construction or even help kick start a career as a handyman.

Reception/Data Entry/Administration Programs

In the Liverpool area it is extremely hard for those wishing to gain experience working in an office environment because there is simply no where locally they can go to. The Inspire Youth Centre in Liverpool has the answer. We have programs that cater to everything from reception through to administration providing local unemployed a valuable education in the use of various computer applications, teaching them how to build up their customer service skills, providing valuable telephone experience, and providing them with the experience of a customer facing role. These skills can all be put toward a career in in an office environment.

For a more detailed overview of our program simply go to the programs tab in the menu above and select 'Work for the Dole' program.


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