Future Programs

If we receive enough support there are a number of programs that we have briefly outlined below that we would gladly start to help a community desperately in need.


Youth Educational Assistance Program

Providing assistance with after school tutoring, computer basics classes and homework assistance.


Adult Educational Assistance Program

Helping adult clients move into the present and the future by providing computer classes and language assistance.


Social Interaction Program

Working with people in isolation, bringing them together through shared interests such as woodwork or arts and crafts.


Food Program

To provide boxes of fresh produce and sustainable food to clients financially struggling in the greater Liverpool area.


Disability Program

Encouraging social interaction for those with intellectual and physical disabilities through social and skill building activities.


Beginners Netball Program

Teaching young people hand eye co-ordination and the basic rules of netball for future placement in teams.


Drop In Centre

Opening the site for evening participation getting youth involved in activities such as basketball.