Work For The Dole All-Rounder Program

The Inspire Youth Centre supports the governments work for the dole initiative, but we like to offer something the other locations cannot. Most work for the dole locations offer individual programs that may not be suited to every ones level of experience or desired employment pathway. At the Inspire Youth Centre we have the answer.

The All-Rounder Program program has been designed to be fluid and is an all in one package of work experience where we can cycle people through all or some of the job roles we have available. This provides them with valuable experience in a variety of positions. We assess participants upon arrival and based on what participants are interested in, available positions in our program and the area we see them most suited to, we allocate the activity they will commence their work for the dole with. This is not a program with a single defined work activity.

The idea behind this is, if the participant is gaining experience in a role they can both thrive in and enjoy, they are far more likely to take something away from it.  By gaining work experience in the type of work they suited to, the participant will benefit greatly, as this in turn will hopefully put the participants on the right path to the career or job they would like to do

We are one of the only locations in our local area that provide unemployed participants exposure to an office environment while simultaneously running a program that provides the chance to work with their hands in a wood work program.


So if you are a  job active provider that has clients who are unemployed and seeking a place they can complete their work for the dole hours please feel free to contact us at anytime on 02 9821 4454 or you can simply go to our contact us page and send us an email, where one of our staff will respond to you shortly.