Wood Working Program

Local youth are taught basic woodworking skills. They are taught to produce small wooden toys that we in turn use as donations to non-profit day care facilities and as Christmas presents for children whose parents cannot afford them.

The program is taught by semi and fully retired people. People with a life time of knowledge that are willing to pass on their skills. It helps retired members of the community once again feel useful, while also helping to end the cycle of isolation that some of them suffer.

We have found that both the young and the old participating in this program develop a new found respect for one another. The skills acquired from this program has lead to  many participants taking up apprenticeships, or seeking jobs in construction and as handymen.

If you are a student seeking work experience, someone who is unemployed or just someone with an interest in woodworking please feel free to contact the Youth Centre on 02 9821 4454 or simply send an email through from our contact page requesting information and one of our staff members will be in touch with you shortly.